miércoles, 17 de junio de 2009

Los Shakers - Los Shakers (bonus tracks) (Uruguay) (1965)

Gran banda de Beat de Uruguay, en su tiempo los Beatles Sudamericanos, muy buenos musicos. Ellos hicieron uno de mis temas favoritos de todos los tiempos, un tema yeah yeah yeah con todas las palabras "Rompan todo (Break it all)", rompieron todo con ese tema. Cantaban en Ingles. Imperdible. Nos vemos prontito!!!

Great beat band from Uruguay, in their time the Sudamericans Beatles, great musicians. They did one of my favourites all time's song, a yeah yeah yeah song with all the words "Break it all (Rompan todo)", they broke up all with that song. They sang in English. A must one. See you very soon!!!

Los Shakers - Los Shakers (bonus tracks) (Uruguay) (1965)

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Dmitrich dijo...

Ooo !! It's classic of the genre ... Really great band.

Pablo dijo...

Hi Dmitrich, thanks for your visit, it is a pleasure.Yes they were a classic here, they recorded with great quality. Tomorrow i'll add another Uruguayan band that i like a lot, called Los Bulldogs,they were great too.See yo soon!

Anónimo dijo...

Oh man, here in South America this was probably the first important Rock&Roll band ever.
Can you please if you can re upload this again? I can't find so much of them on internet.
Cheers from Chile!