lunes, 3 de agosto de 2009

The Fourmost - The best of the EMI years (Inglaterra) (1964-1966)

Muy buen grupo de Beat, oriundo de Inglaterra. Muy buena voz y gran calidad para grabar. Mi tema preferido de ellos es "So fine". Recomendado para seguidores de los Beatles. Espero les guste. Nos vemos pronto!!

A very nice Beat band from England. Very nice voice and a great record's quality. My preferred song is "So fine". Recommended to Beatles' followers. Hope you'll liket it. See you soon!!

Link: The Fourmost - The best of the EMI years (Inglaterra) (1964-1966)

3 comentarios:

Dmitrich dijo...

Fourmost - One of the favorite groups. I like Baby Sittin 'Boogie 8)) and more ... My Regards. Dmitrich

Victoria dijo...

Vuelve a sonar la música del blog!
A pesar de mis divagues y cambios de animo, te amo y me haces muy feliz!

Pablo dijo...

O yeah Fourmost is great, i'm agree with you, is a great band, i want to know if they had mor songs.I know they had only one lp.Thanks for comment Dmitrich, is a honor, as always!!!